A world without privacy concerns
Fair Custodian is building a platform to create a new type of relationship between consumers and businesses. A relationship based on trust, transparency, and personal empowerment.
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In order to achieve this vision of the future of consumer-brand interaction, Fair Custodian has a product roadmap that gradually gains consumer trust by offering valuable control and insight into existing interactions with businesses, whilst also offering businesses the ability to more clearly understand their relationship with consumers.


Concerned about sharing your email address? Create anonymised email addresses to keep your personal email private.


See all of your online accounts in one place. Quickly and easily remove the ones you don't care about.


For businesses that recognise their users are individuals. FC-ID manages their data in a responsible and transparent way.

About Us

The Fair Custodian platform will enable consumers to access businesses and share their data in the same way they approve permissions for new apps on their phones. When a shopper wants to purchase some clothes from a new e-commerce site, for example, they'll simply click "Sign in with Fair Custodian", approve the site's access to their name, shipping address, and payment details through a simple and intuitive interface and they're done. Later, they can log in to the Fair Custodian platform and see the details of their relationship with the site/business, including exactly when the site accessed each piece of information. They can then remove that site's access if they wish, understanding that they will have to re-grant access if they want to order more clothes.

Our Team

Ben Fielding

Ben is a technical co-founder and is currently finishing a PhD in Machine Learning. Ben has authored a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications focused around evolving deep neural network architectures and is the sole inventor of a pending patent in this area.

Jake Cowton

Jake is a technical co-founder and is currently finishing a PhD in Machine Learning. Jake has previously worked as a consultant in machine learning and as a developer at CERN, Geneva where he contributed to the development of the open-source data library software, Invenio.

Jay Snee

Jay is a technical co-founder with over 15 years experience producing innovative R&D projects and high performance web applications. Most recently, Jay has been working with Saul to completely rebuild and operate the Websand email Marketing platform.

Saul Gowens

Saul is a GDPR expert and serial founder, having founded an email marketing company, Websand, in 2010. Prior to Websand, Saul spent over 15 years building corporate partnership and loyalty programmes for the likes of Visa, Porsche, and Saudi Arabian Airlines.